Indigenous Support – Panama is a nonprofit endeavor by a former Peace Corps volunteer to support a Ngabe Indian community in Western Panama. Each year, we raise modest funds to purchase health related supplies and send a small contingent from the US to deliver them. In this way, we help these families bridge the gap between the infrequent government health care visits. All peoples deserve access to health care and our goal is to ensure this human right is met.

Our vision is to share the genuine Ngabe culture with our supporters and provide a voice to the Ngabe people who have been left behind in a country focused on urban development. With Indigenous Support, you have the opportunity to follow the story of a wonderful community and to take part in expanding their access to health resources.


We communicate with the community members throughout the year by WhatsApp to focus in on the their most urgent needs. Once we have identified these needs and how best to fulfill them, we reach out to our friends and family for support to purchase the health supplies. Then we package the supplies for each family unit and travel to Panama. There, we meet with the community leaders and deliver the donated supplies. This trip has been made each year since 2018 and will continue as long as we are able to!

To date, we have raised over fifteen hundred dollars for the purchase and delivery of health supplies.


We ask that you take the opportunity to learn more about this wonderful community through this website and consider donating to our current Go Fund Me supporting the upcoming January 6th 2023 trip.

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