January 2020 Retreat

This January 6-12th, 2020

Second Annual Millennial Future Retreat to Boca Guariviara, Panama. Read about our 2019 retreat here.

We are so excited to be able to visit this wonderful community again this year and could not continue without them. Boca Guariviara provides us with the location and support so that our explorers can have the chance to experience an authentic native lifestyle safely.


This year we will focus on profiling different community leaders as well as those who keep things running behind the scenes. The theme of this years trip is “How can I be a better member in my community.” There is no better place to learn this than rural Panama as the culture is highly Collectivistic! Note the differences in this chart.

country comparison


Based on the positive feedback received from our 2019 explorers, our retreat will follow last year’s itinerary. We will fly into San Jose, Costa Rica ($400 round trip) on January 6th and stay the night. The next day we will bus into Panama ($21) and spend a few nights exploring Boquete ($10 per night) from the 7th until the 9th. In Boquete there are great American style restaurants, a Microbrewery, and plenty of fun hiking.

After this transitional phase into the Panamanian social sphere, we will travel north over the mountains ($25) into the Ngabe reservation , called the Comarca in Panama. We will grab our supplies in the port town of Chiriqui Grande and hop into a bay boat that will deliver us to the reservation community Boca Guariviara for 3 nights the 9th to the 12th. There is reliable daily transport in and out of the community if for any reason we need to leave.


We will stay with the local Bonilla family who speak only Spanish and a local language called Ngabere. At their house you will get a private sleeping room with a mattress and bug net. You’ll enjoy 3 meals a day of local dishes, and all your water will be treated and purified. Most importantly you will have access to a private washroom/bathroom.Here, we will eat and sleep just as they do. We will catch fish, visit farms, play soccer, and relax on boat cruises through the mangroves. Life is slow and steady and has much to teach us. Learn more about the community here.


When our time is up in the community on the 12th, we will leave from Panama through the north border crossing near Changinola into Costa Rica ($9) where we can land in the beach town of Puerto Viejo ($8 per night).

From this last stop we will bus back to San Jose ($20) on the 13th and catch our flights home!


In total, for round trip transportation, housing, and meals our explorers can expect to spend around $500-600 each. Not too bad for a week long vacation that could change your life for the better! This journey is best done in 8 days but can be shortened or extended as your schedule allows.

Additional stops can be added to visit the wonderful islands known as Bocas Del Toro or Sante Fe! Panama city is about 7 hours ride across the county but is also worthwhile to visit the canal.

map_edit4 w_boquete


Reach us here at Millennial Future to get more information and let us design the perfect retreat for you! Get a once in a lifetime experience off the beaten trail, slow your pace of life, and see how people can live happily without the materialist needs we are over-sensitized to want.

Interested in supporting the Millennial Future’s goal of cross cultural sharing and communal growth?

Each trip, we bring down 100 pounds of supplies to donate to these community members that are giving us this amazing experience.

Clothes (t-shirts [kids], pants, shorts, socks), hats, sunglasses, tooth brushes, and condoms are all great donations that will be utilized by folks who are in need of them. If you are in the Austin, Texas area, we will pick up these donations to be prepared for travel. Or they can be shipped to 3006 Cedarlawn Circle, Austin, TX 78723.

Things like: hygiene products, shoes, and food can all be purchased readily in the community and are not ideal to travel with.

Please support us by sharing this with your friends and family. Only by learning about other cultures will we ever be able to improve ours. By acknowledging the basic principles that bring all human life together, we can better ourselves and our communities.


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