The Experience


Your safety is above all our first priority. With a combined 4 years living as part of this community we have seen our fair share of situations. We understand that things can happen even to the best laid plans. In any case of emergency we can quickly exit the community and get to a hospital. By walking you through our detailed safety plan before arrival to Boca Guariviara, we can ensure a fun and safe retreat.


This retreat is focused on intercultural exchange and growth of perception. Instead of a glazed over and afar experience, you will be walking in the shoes of people that the world considers impoverished.

Each day you can expect to participate with community members in an activity of their daily lives. Additionally, part each day will be reserved for a reflection period led by your guide to help you absorb all the new things going on around you.

While this retreat can have its real and serious moments, it is also meant to be relaxing and for you to have fun. The retreats we run are completely customized with a wide variety of activities to choose from depending on how you are feeling. As former Peace Corps volunteers, we are masters of contingency plans and are here to challenge you but we do also understand this is a vacation. We want to make sure you feel safe to enjoy the experience.

Possible activities include:

  • River boat tours
  • Hiking through the rain forest
  • Bread making and cooking
  • Fishing in the bay
  • Bird & wildlife watching
  • Hunting
  • Canoeing in handmade boats
  • Tours through coffee and Cacao farms
  • Beach Soccer and Volleyball
  • Artisan classes
  • Cultural ceremonies and dances
  • Beach relaxation
  • Hanging out with locals!
  • Much much more
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We also provide contacts on the touristy yet beautiful Bocas Del Toro archipelago and can guide you around the islands. However, the reason for our retreats is to spend time getting to know Boca Guariviara and the positive experience it brings.

If you are interested in attending our tour, please Contact Us and we will talk about what might be right for you!

Example 7-day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive to Bocas Del, get to hotel and relax on the beach

Day 2: Spend a day enjoying the local foods and adventures

Day 3: Travel to the indigenous community Boca Guariviara

Day 4: Full day of participation in Boca Guariviara

Day 5: Leave Boca Guariviara and head to Boquete

Day 6: Enjoy a full day in Boquete

Day 7: Leave Boquete and fly out from David

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