Are you unable to feel satisfied with the fast-paced and materialistic US culture we are letting run wild? Do you have a secret feeling that there must be another formula to life?

Explore Native Retreats of Panama.

Follow a former Peace Corps Volunteer through a 5 day retreat living in the shoes of authentic Central American Indians. Learn how a group of peoples have survived nearly unchanged since the days of Columbus’ arrival.

Get to know the community of Boca Guariviara by participating in daily activities such as fishing, bread baking, and crafting artisan goods.

This retreat is focused on intercultural exchange and growth of perception. Instead of a glazed over and from afar experience, you will be walking in the shoes of those the world considers impoverished. But what you’ll find is that people with less possession can find more happiness out of life.


Entry into Panama begins with a flight into Bocas Del Toro Island, a well established tourist zone. From there, a private water taxi delivers you and your guide to Boca Guariviara.

This humble fishing community is located inside the Comarca Ngabe, the largest of 11 Indian reservations in Panama.


Expect to receive 3 meals a day with snacks and clean bottled water. All food will be prepared locally and generally includes fish, rice, beans, and cooked banana.

Housing will again be a mirror of how the community members live. Wooden enclosed houses with door locks and palm thatched roofs. This is how these Ngabe Indians have lived for generations.

Mattress and bug nets are provided.


The 5 day retreat is broken up as follows.

Day 1

PM arrival to Boca Guariviara 3pm

Relaxation with a meal and introduction to the culture 4pm – 7pm

Dinner and sleep 8pm

Day 2

Early rise with breakfast and tour of the community 6am – 12pm

Lunch and rest 12pm – 4pm

Evening fishing tour 4pm – 7pm

Dinner and sleep 8pm

Day 3

Early rise with breakfast and tour of local coffee farm 6am – 12pm

Lunch and rest 12pm – 4pm

Bread baking with local women 4pm – 6pm

Dinner and sleep 8pm

Day 4

Early rise with breakfast and reflection beach time 6am – 12pm

Lunch and presentation by community 12pm – 4pm

Soccer practice 4pm – 7pm

Dinner and sleep 8pm

Day 5

Early rise with breakfast and prepare to leave 6am – 8am

Lunch and saying goodbye to community members 8pm – 12pm

Water taxi pick up 12pm


Pricing includes bilingual guide, all transportation, housing, food water and snacks. NOT INCLUDED travelers insurance, pre-trip medical preparations, tips.

The 4 night retreat for 4 people starts at $22,500.